Got QUestions?

There are so many questions out there around edible landscapes and how to design for them!  Unfortunately so many have to turn to social media and are bombarded with unqualified opinions rather than qualified facts supported with data.  Welcome to the FAQ!  Search, learn, and submit your questions to be added!

It literally hurt my heart to see SO many people requesting help with their yards and I could only help a handful at a time. Especially after having my son last November- I spent a lot of time being sad about not being able to help! So I thought that videos would be a way to help more people. 


I’ve seen countless folks tell sad stories about how the followed directions given to them for free only to fail.  The reality is a lot of the published and “free” information on the internet about growing food is either not applicable to the backyard grower or just the of opinion of other hobbyist growers given without all of the context and information. No offense to the hobbyists: but there is no way that a successful design can be laid out with only 2 questions and 1 photo. Most information is worth what you pay for it, so is free really going to be the best when you’ve already invested plenty of money into plants, soil amendments, pavers, patio furniture, etc. and don’t know how to put it together? 

I looked all over the internet to see if anyone else had already done this before I decided to embark on this adventure. This way I’m making sure that the content I provide is unique, accurate, and valuable. Programs I found that exist are full on farming, or full on permaculture, purely profit and sales driven, or only native plants. There is no program that’s a hybrid of farming, permaculture, and natives that shows you how to design the plantings and incorporate outdoor living for a residential yard.  I wanted to create a program for those of us who just want a productive, beautiful, and delicious yard for our own personal enjoyment. 


My goal with the classes is to empower you! So if you’ve ever stood in your yard and wondered what to do- this class is for you!

The subscription has a little bit of everything! So it is much more flexible and the free trial will give you an idea quickly if this is the content/format you like. 

This program is NOT:

  • Me telling you that you HAVE to do things a certain way. 
  • Ignoring your individuality
  • Trying to make every yard look the same.

The steps I outline in my course STILL apply no matter where you live! There will be some Arizona specific things that I reference in the chapter about site research just as an example, but the content and approach is the same no matter where you live. You should be able to access public information about your property in a very similar fashion to what I show in my videos.

For the subscription there will be a mix of Desert specific items I’ll be sure to note what it’s for i.e. I’ll label something for Desert Gardening as such, or list a growing zone. 

The Revive Resource is the product for you! Members can request content with a specific subject so if there’s a video you’ve looked for and haven’t found- request it there and I’ll add it to my list of content to create for my members!

It is 100% my goal with this course to empower you to do this! For four years I helped folks one on one and I took their questions over the years and used those experiences to create this course. That being said, I am human and there’s a chance I missed something.  If you take the course and still do not feel confident, I am in your corner! Just reach out to me. I am here to help!

Several factors come into play here: but I always start with:

What you like to eat!

I go into greater detail in the Virtual course 

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