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virtual design course

Have you wanted to design your own yard but didn’t know where to start? Or do you have a yard that’s partially done but lacks continuity, functionality, or looks haphazard? The solution is to create a master plan design. I’ve created a video series that breaks it down into 8 easy steps. You can watch the videos for up to a year- or binge them all at once! Following the steps I’ve laid out will save you costly mistakes and possibly even years of frustration. Let my 15 years of design experience help you create the edible landscape of your dreams!

Available for Pre-order now, with videos available starting December first, 2019! Just in time to plan ahead for those bare root trees that will be coming in January!


An online library of content I’ve created that will grow and grow every month! Every time I create a new chart, article, video, and even book I’ll add it all to this one place for one low monthly price. Pause and restart anytime! 

This resource library will contain more in depth information regarding the 8 steps outlined in the video course, and additional topics that are all geared towards taking your design prowess to the next level!  

Pre-order available now. Content will begin to populate December first, with pre orders getting the month of December for FREE

one on one

Once you’ve taken the virtual course, if you’ve decided that you still need to speak with me directly about something specific we can do a skype/facetime/facebook messenger video chat so that you can show me the specific area of your yard with which you need help.

Coming soon.  

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