Terms and Conditions


Design is subjective. There is no magical way that you’ll absolutely adore every idea that I have for your
property, but you recognize that the purpose of my services is to provide inspiration, advice, and guidance based
on my 15+ years of design experience.

Permitting and surveys are the responsibility of the home owner. I can advise on if a permit is needed, but
obtaining said permits is not in scope. Drawings provided are not for construction and will not be stamped by a
registered architect. Information on zoning, building codes, and construction is considered advice based on
public information and is advice only. All final actionable information needs to be verified by the home owner
(licensed contractor or registered architect recommended where appropriate) before any construction begins.
Work is based on publicly available aerial imagery unless client provides a survey or other more accurate
background. Locations and scaling will be approximate. Any project materials or deliverables may be used for
marketing purposes. In these cases client information will be removed or obscured. Client will provide or allow
‘after’ photos to be taken.

Plants are living things and keeping them alive and healthy is the responsibility of the plant owner: no advice I
provide will guarantee a plant will live forever. I cannot take responsibility for pests, insects, dogs, gophers,
small children or any other critters or acts of the Almighty that might cause a plant to die. I will of course do my
best to advise in a way that will help to cause success because I love plants. However I cannot control every outcome.

All drawings are the property of MODIFYconcepts, L.L.C. 5130 E Wethersfield Rd Scottsdale AZ 85254. 602-350-
5596. The drawings are limited to the original use for which the were prepared. Changes, reproductions, or assigning
to any third party of this drawing for any other use is not permitted without written consent of
MODIFYconcepts, L.L.C., © 2015.

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